Hoya australis



The Hoya australis is a true standout among houseplants, with its lush, deep green ovate leaves and sweetly fragrant blooms. This fabulous hanging specimen is a gorgeous statement piece that is also easy to care for. When given the proper care, this Hoya will reward you with delicate umbels of creamy white blooms centred with burgundy, creating a dreamy and elegant appearance.

To thrive, the Hoya Australis requires bright, indirect light with some soft morning direct sun, warmth, and slight humidity. It prefers a routine watering schedule with slightly dry spells between each watering. Fertilize once a week during the growing season of spring through summer with a diluted feed.

This trailing houseplant is a great addition to any indoor space, from a high shelf or hanging basket to a ceramic planter. However, it's important to note that Hoya plants contain a latex that can be a skin irritant for pets and humans, so take precautions when handling. Add the Hoya Australis to your collection and enjoy its beauty and low-maintenance care.

*Please note: The product photos are for illustrative purposes only, and the plants you receive may vary in size and appearance.